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This page and website is no longer active. If you wish to contact Shahrukh Merchant, please visit

Last Revised 9 July 2005

Shahrukh Merchant teaches Tango classes in the Boston area once or twice a year when he is not in Buenos Aires (the Milonga with Traspie and the "Buenos Aires Style" of Tango are his specialties), and workshops worldwide. He has learned Tango from dozens of the top masters from Buenos Aires (see Biography) . He is much sought-after as a Tango DJ for major Tango events (Patagonia Tango Festival in Argentina, various Milongas in Buenos Aires, Miami Tango Congress, Las Vegas Tango Congress, Boston Tango Festival). As a performer, Shahrukh dances in exhibitions with Daniela De Farias (Boston), and has also performed with Carina Losano and Mariana Fresno (both of Buenos Aires) and Yvonne Meissner (Netherlands), among others.

Tango Workshops in Your City
Shahrukh is available for workshops worldwide, whether for a weekend or a week-long festival. He is also one of the best-regarded Tango DJs in North America. Please contact Shahrukh as far in advance as possible to schedule an event.

Recent News
June 2005. Shahrukh partners with Carina Losano in the Boston Tango Festival 2005.
May 2005. Shahrukh teaches and DJs at festivals and Milongas in Buenos Aires & Bariloche, Argentina.

The July/August 2005 class series in Tango and Milonga are both full. Please click here to join the low-volume priority mailing list to be kept informed of future offerings in advance of their being announced to the public (classes, trips to Buenos Aires, etc.). Private lessons are available at $60 per hour in Cambridge; please send e-mail to to schedule.

Current Class Offerings

Small group classes will resume on 7 July 2005 on Thursdays for 6 weeks. Early registration is recommended since classes are limited to 4-6 men and 4-6 women each. Classes are held at the air-conditioned location 1643 Cambridge Street, No. 43 (at Trowbridge Street, near Harvard Square, opposite the Cambridge Rindge and Latin school). There is good evening street parking.

Days Time* Course (click name for details) Level or Prerequisite (Minimum) Status**

6 Thursdays
(7 Jul-11 Aug)

7:30-8:45 pm Milonga with Traspie Open to all, but some experience in Tango or another partner dance is suggested. M:Full
8:45 - 10:00 pm Tango Fundamentals with Floorcraft and Navigation Open to all levels. Recommended for beginners and intermediate-level dancers (some optional material for more advanced dancers will also be included). M:Full

*By popular demand, the starting time for the first class has been changed to 7:30 pm (half hour later) and the second class to 8:45 pm (15 minutes later)
**As of 7 July 2005. Open=Available for enrollment for (Men/Women), Call=Close to capacity/call to confirm, Full=Waiting list only

Each class series (1 hour 15 min x 6 weeks) costs as little as $90 per person ($12 per hour of instruction) if all discounts apply (early registration, Tango Society of Boston memberssee details at the Registration page). While the class must be taken as a 6-week series (i.e., it is not a "drop-in" class), credit or makeup is provided for those who know in advance that they will have to miss a session.

See Classes & Registration for details and registration information or view and print the current Class Flyer in PDF Format (only 24 KB; feel free to print out copies for giving to your friends).

Can’t make these classes but interested in future ones? E-mail with your name, e-mail, phone and address, or just fill out the Contact Form, and we’ll keep you informed of future offerings via our low-volume list. Private Lessons are also available by appointment ($60/hour).

Tango Experience of the Month
A recent Tango event or encounter that made a special impression ...

April 29-May 2, 2005: Patagonia Tango Festival held in Bariloche, Argentina. Who says Tango in Argentina is just a Buenos Aires phenomenon? It was an incredible festival with as many as 500 participants (I had the privilege of participating on the faculty as an invited assistant teacher, interpreter and Guest DJ).
[Previous Tango Experiences]

About Shahrukh

Shahrukh Merchant is trained exclusively by top Tango maestros from Buenos Aires, and teaches authentic Argentine Tango as it is danced in the salons of Buenos Aires (where he has travelled for dancing and training 14 times in the last five years). Classes focus on proper technique in small groups where individual attention (essential for properly learning Tango technique) is possible. See more about Shahrukh under Biography and about his teaching style and philosophy under Teaching Tango.

What students say about Shahrukh's teaching: "It was a lot of material for 4 weeks but you have such a nice way of teaching that even the beginners were not overwhelmed" ... "Your concepts of Tango are super perfect" ... "Those few minutes made me fall in love with Argentine Tango" ... "Thanks to you I discovered how incredible Argentine Tango is" ... "Your teaching is the best I've experienced so far" ... "The class was fabulous. Wonderful, infectious energy for the joy of Tango" ... "Thank you very much for your teaching and for your patience!" Click here for the full text and additional unsolicited Testimonials.


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